Reasons to become a Chartered Accountant


A CA qualification opens the door to a diverse range of career opportunities in various sectors, be it business or finance, in both local as well as international level. Chartered Accountants are in constant being acknowledged for their technical competence, professional standards, and veracity. Global Qualification To have your accountancy qualification to be truly global, accountancy bodies in other countries cross-checks your education and the training you undertook to become qualified. It is an important investigation which is undertaken by anybody considering a career in accountancy. Many accountancy bodies make claims about the global nature of their qualification, or suggest links with larger international accountancy bodies. Members of Chartered Accountants have true global mobility with both their education, and crucially, their training recognised internationally. A good career No other career offers the mobility that a Chartered Accountancy qualification does. Many times, the CAs use their expertise to form their own businesses and become highly successful entrepreneurs. Chartered Accountants are found at the highest level in every sector from financial services to banking, and to the public sector as well. The rewards that go with the Chartered qualification are also significant. Consultants to business The CAs are the main consultant of regulators for framing rules and regulations regarding Accountancy and Auditing. They recommend accounting standards in the country, which are the framework within which financial reporting is to be done. Thus, they ensure uniformity in reporting, and help the people of the country assimilate how money is moving. They regularly advice the government on various matters such as taxation. They have a constant affair with the government. In fact, they are a big contributor to nation building. Work as Auditors A Chartered Accountant is the person who conducts audits of entities for tax compliance, and send reports to the government. This contributes to tax revenues of the government and in national development, who certifies that the necessary taxes are paid before a sum of money is remitted out of the country. This ensures correct tax payments at the right time.