INDIA at 13th G-20 SUMMIT


India presented a nine- point agenda at 13th G-20 Summit at Buenos Aires in Argentina to promote joint efforts by G-20 members against economic offenders. They are
1.India called for strong and active cooperation among member countries to deal with fugitive economic offenders.
2.India called for strengthening legal processes to effectively freeze the proceeds of crime.
3.India also wants common legal processes to promote early return of the offenders.
4.India also called for early, efficient and quick return of proceeds of crime 
5.India called for a mechanism that denies entry and safe havens to fugitives.
6.India wants effective implementation of Principles of United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (UNOTC).
7.India suggested that FATF should be called upon to promote international cooperation that leads to timely and comprehensive exchange of information between competent authorities and FIUs.
8.FATF should be tasked to define fugitive economic offender. India also suggested for a common platform for sharing experiences and best practices including successful cases of extradition, etc.     
9.G-20 forum should consider initiating work on locating properties of economic offenders who have a tax debt in their country of residence. 

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