ISRO successfully launched earth observation satellite HysIS


Hyper-spectral Imaging Satellite was launched from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre by PSLV-C43 on 29th of November.
Features of HysIS
•    It has been placed in the Polar Sun synchronous orbit at an altitude of over 600 km.
•    It carries two Payloads, viz. Visible Near Infra-red (VNIR) and Shortwave Infra-red Range (SWIR).
•    Its high spectral cameras can penetrate through soil for up to 5 cm, depending on soil type.
•    The mission life is 5 years.
Application of HysIS
•    Agriculture application: It can detect the health of crops and plants
•    Defense application: it can detect landmine over ground as well as few centimeter underground.
•    Mining: it can help in mineral exploration
•    Forestry & environment: it can flow of streams even under thick forest cover.

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