Union Cabinet approved new cabinet policy


The Union Cabinet on September 26, 2018 approved the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 (NDCP-2018), the new telecom policy of the country that aims to provide broadband access to every citizen at 50 Mbps speed by the year 2022. The National Digital Communications Policy 2018, which envisions attracting $100 billion investments into the country’s digital communications sector, aims at creating at least 40 lakh new jobs in the sector in the next four years. The cabinet also accorded approval to the re-designation of the Telecom Commission as the Digital Communications Commission. The National Digital Communications Policy will at end result in broadband for all, creation of four million additional jobs in the Digital Communications sector. It will enhance the contribution of the Digital Communications sector to 8 percent of India's GDP from around 6 percent in 2017. It will propel India to the Top 50 Nations in the ICT Development Index of ITU (International Telecom Union) from 134 in 2017. It will enhance India's contribution to Global Value Chains and ensure Digital Sovereignty. The government targets to achieve these objectives by 2022.

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